Beaches of the Basque coast


Regular Shuttle ! Getting to the beaches with your whole kit and caboodle has never been easier ! The summer shuttle services the beaches and the city centre.

It runs by the Oyam Campsite about every thirty minutes during the months of July and August. Full details available from the main office.

Bidart, the wild Sea Resort

Bidart’s beaches are just 1200 metres from the Oyam Campsite. Bidart has six beaches over a 5-km stretch: Ilbarritz, Pavillon Royal, Erretegia, Centre, Uhabia, and Parlementia. Lifeguards keep watch over the summer sun-enthusiasts on the beaches. Water and weather permitting, you will see lots of swimming, wading, sandcastle-making, surfing, windsailing, kite-flying, and bodyboarding.

The cliffs and shoreline are beautiful and certain to enchant you, especially if you hike along the Sentier Littoral (shoreline path). It offers 25 km of stunning sights starting from Hendaye on the Spanish border, and runs near the Oyam Campsite (800 metres away on the Route de Biarritz).

The Beaches of Biarritz

Biarritz has long been considered one of the most prestigious sea resorts of France’s Atlantic Cost. It’s also the surfing capital and only 5 km from the Oyam Campsite. Surfers around the world know and appreciate the reputation of Biarritz’s beaches like Côte des Basques, Milady, Grande Plage and Miramar. While visiting Biarritz, you won’t want to miss the impressive view of the shoreline from atop the Rocher de la Vierge.

Saint-Jean-de-Luz Bay

This bay comes alive with yachts, skiffs, sailboats, surfboards and windsurfing rigs. But none of this comes close to the beauty of a sunset seen from Sainte-Barbe hill with its delightful view of the Ciboure harbour and the Socoa fort.

Anglet Beaches

15 minutes from the campsite, sasnd beaches, walking and cycling pathes, Anglet beach are nice for teens and surf addicts.