Fun and Sports


The Multi-Sports Playing Field

The place to play! Oyam's regulars began by calling this field the "city stadium" then soon shortened that nickname to the "city". Say it with a French accent and you're ready to shoot some baskets with the gang! Aside from basketball, there's also football and anything else your friends have an itch to play.

Other Activities

Naturally, the big attractions are the heated aquatic area and the nearby beaches. But the campsite's week-day sports menu is quite varied. Football, Ping-Pong, and, of course, no day would be complete without pétanque!

Exercise Classes

Stay in shape with a some help from our motivating fitness team.
Sign up for aquaerobics and/or gym classes and be prepared to sweat!

Moaning and groaning as you work out and tone up your body may just be your proudest accomplishment of your holidays!

Tug of War

Nearly everyone has played or watched a good old game of tug of war, but at Oyam, you get to enjoy it Basque style! Our sports monitors will introduce you to "Sokatira" as it's called here in Basque Country. Everybody who comes to Oyam loves it, and we're willing to bet you will, too! Pick your team!