Basque country towns and villages


Biarritz is our neighboor. The program is : Huge and varied architecture, luxury, waterfront and beautiful coves. Nightlife is a must, restaurants, bars, clubs will offer you the best. This is the place to be.


Famed for its beautiful buildings and church, this village has strong craftsman and culinary traditions. The little mountain village offers some very fine dining experiences.


One popular attraction very close to Bidart is located a bit inland in the lovely village of Arcangues. It's Luis Mariano's last home. The greatly-loved Spanish tenor made his singing career in France. A visit to Arcangues will give you an entirely different perspective of the Basque Country.


Biarritz is our neighboor

The program is: luxury, huge architecture, waterfront, beautiful coves and a famous night life. This is the place to be.


Just south of Bidart is the charming old fishing village of Guétary, known for its beauty and its enchanting views. It's also a prized surfing spot and well-known among surfers around the world. Visit Guétary, it's a little Basque treasure.


Think of prehistoric cavemen when you think of Sare. This village abutting the famous Mount Larrun, or La Rhune as it is often spelled, is the place to come to visit caves inhabited 35,000 years ago by creatures like you and me (but who had no internet connection). Enjoy the scenic 21-km drive to Sare for a guided sound and light tour of the caves and a stroll through the fascinating museum!

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