Mountains of the Basque country


We've named our lodgings after our favourite Basque Country mountains. We hope these names will motivate you to drive out to discover the splendours of the mountain your accommodation was named for :

Mount Jaizkibel, Mount Baigura, Mount Iparla,Ispeguy, Iguski Pass, Mount Larrun, Mount Artzamendi, Behorleguy, Urchilo, Hostateguy and Ereby are well worth the visit. On your way up, be sure to check out the view of the other nearby summits.

Take a Train Ride over the Rhune

The Petit Train de la Rhune takes you to the summit of the Mount Larrun, an altitude of 905 metres. Admire the vegetation along the way and the three springs flowing at Trois Fontaines. If you're lucky, you may get some good photos of the wild Basque horses, the sheep on the craggy rocks, or a vulture riding the air currents.
Le Petit Train de la Rhune,
Col de Saint-Ignace
64310 Sare

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Les trois couronnes

Huge mount in the Basque country, Trois Couronnes are the oldest granit chain of this land.

Istsussi Penas

Itsusi, mythical Basque mountain. Beautiful sandstone cliffs, vultures will ...
Superb (s) hiking (s) above Bidarray, occurring mainly in the territory of Navarre.


Seen from Bidart, Biarritz, Anglet and offers several points of departure, Pasaia, Irun in SpainHendaye in France.

Les Bardenas

Short drive near Pamplona, ​​this little jouneyworth the trip. Only 1h30 from Biarritz, you will discoverthis extraordinary desert landscape , Bardenas desert. On foot, by bike,this is a must!