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Central beach at Bidart

Bidart plage du centre ©OT Bidart
Bidart plage du centre ©OT Bidart

Bidart, the wild Sea Resort

Bidart’s beaches are just 1200 meters from the Oyam Campsite.

Bidart has six beaches over a 5-km stretch: Ilbarritz, Pavillon Royal, Erretegia, Centre, Uhabia, and Parlementia. Lifeguards keep watch over the summer sun-enthusiasts on the beaches. Water and weather permitting, you will see lots of swimming, wading, sandcastle-making, surfing, wind sailing, kite-flying, and body boarding.
The cliffs and shoreline are beautiful and certain to enchant you, especially if you hike along the Sentier Littoral (shoreline path). It offers 25 km of stunning sights starting from Hendaye on the Spanish border, and runs near the Oyam Campsite (800 meters away on the Route de Biarritz)..

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Bidart beaches are supervised during summer time.
Bidart beaches are famous for surfing!
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